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SAAMOM Privacy Statement

Please be advised that SAAMOM makes every effort to protect the identity of all members by providing personal information to members.Likewise, photos and/or video footage may be taken at all events including but not limited to playgroups.  Please advise facilitator of event/playgroup (in writing) if you do not want your child’s picture to be taken/placed in newsletter.   


Within your application/contact information, you will need to mark "Yes" for the Privacy Disclosure.  If "Yes" is marked, you are stating the following:

I would like all profile information to remain private.  In doing so, names, address, phone number, children’s names, and all birthdays, special occasion announcements, etc. will not be mentioned in the Newsletter, Directory, Member Map or Website. 


Please be advised that SAAMOM makes every effort to respect this choice and apologize in advance if any information is inadvertently disseminated.  If the box is not checked, SAAMOM will assume that all information may be made available in the member directory and that all photos, videos and personal information may be noted in the monthly newsletter. 

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